Volunteer Opportunities

Many hands make light work!

Marching Band

For every game or competition, our Marching Band needs help from 18-28 parents. No joke!

We are asking EVERY parent of MB students to volunteer at least ONCE this season. Join a volunteer team, or check out specific game day needs.

General Band

We also need parents throughout the school year to support our general band program.

Your support will take our band program to new heights!

Marching and General Band Support

For every event, game or competition, our Marching Band needs help from parents. There is nothing technical or difficult about any of these jobs, and any parent or grandparent can do it. We’ll have veteran parents there to point and show you everything you need to know.

We are asking EVERY parent of MB students to volunteer at least ONCE this season.

Sign-up for one of these committees here!

Stands Committee

  • Coordinates all off-field support for marching band events (games and competitions)

  • Provides and manages distribution of water and snacks

  • Manages misc. band supplies for in the stands, such as coolers, first aid, stands supplies, medical forms, etc.

  • Coordinates chaperones for bus and stands

Field Crew

  • Coordinates all on-field support for marching band events (games and competitions)

  • Ensures packing and transport of podiums, props, and electronics to the stadium or trailer, before/after events

  • Helps pit crew move equipment and instruments on/off the field for halftime show

  • Coordinates volunteers as needed

  • This committee may need 6-8 volunteers per Marching Band event.

Band Camp Crew

  • Chaperones for our Band Camp week (a local day camp this year)

  • Fun-filled, all expenses days at Band Camp, or work a ½ day and tag-team with another parent.

  • T-shirt included!

  • Get to know the Band students and see the show evolve.

  • If you can work remotely, you can bring your laptop and work from the sidelines, and just attend things as you are needed (i.e. help with lunch, help with sick band member, etc.)

Uniforms Committee

  • We need 2-3 volunteers each game (or event) to assist students as needed as they get their uniforms before games, and turning-in uniforms after games.

  • We need one chair, or two co-chairs to maintain all uniform components, including organizing, logging, storing, repairing, and cleaning; provides fittings and assignments for all band members, logs uniform assignments in CutTime; and manages purchases of shoes, gloves, t-shirts, hats, etc.

Transportation Committee

  • Volunteers may drive a rental truck, if necessary (rental cost would be fully covered by the band)

  • May also facilitate carpools when necessary

Hospitality Committee

  • Need 4-6 volunteers per Band event.

  • Provides meals and refreshments for band events

  • Handles the purchase, setup, and distribution of food or refreshments for all band events

  • Coordinates with Marching, Concert, or Special Events Committees to determine needs for all events

  • Coordinates volunteers as needed

Concert Committee

  • Provides support for Concert Band events such as LGPE and symphonic camp.

  • Works with Band Director to help create programs or other materials

  • May assist with equipment such as chairs, music stands, podium

  • Coordinates chaperones and other volunteers as needed

Special Events Committee

  • Coordinates and supports special events during the year, including Senior Night, Middle School Band Night, Spring Band Banquet, JanFest and Homecoming.

Fundraising Committee

  • Organizes and executes fundraising events throughout the year, such as car washes and donut sales.

  • Chair establishes/maintains relationships with sponsors in the community, manages donor relations and communications, and coordinates with Blue & Gold Foundation

Sign-up for one of these committees here!

Thank you!