Band Student Leadership 2019-2020

Band Officers & Student Committees

  • President: Joi'Anna Partee
  • Vice President: Jesus Navarette
  • Secretary: Kendall Young
  • Historian: Phinn Adams
  • Social Committee: Olivia Roberts and Imani Williams, chairs
  • Music Committee: Nate Kite, chair
  • Class Logistics Committee: Ahona Haque, chair
  • Marching Committee: William Emde, chair
  • Concert Events Committee: Daniel Smith, chair
  • Uniform Committee: Daniel Landis, chair
  • Transportation Committee: Hilary McDonald, chair

Marching Band Leadership

  • Drum Majors: Keren Sahar, Samantha Hopper
  • Flutes: Julia Johnson and Maci Yeager
  • Clarinets: Walker Kleinfelter
  • Saxophones: Jack Dillon
  • Trumpets: Isabelle Weathersby
  • Mellophones: Jackson King
  • Low Brass: Logan Durisch, Alec Roe
  • Percussion: Julie Phosai, Hayden Roe, and Julia Artigue
  • Color Guard: Lucy Roberts
  • Dance: Casey Jones

For Booster Club leadership contacts and opportunities, please visit our Booster Club page.