Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble meets 7th Period each day. The students learn the rudiments of their craft as well as enhance their playing through personalized instruction of percussion ensemble music. Concerts occur at the same time as regularly scheduled band concerts.

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Private instruction is encouraged for all students in the Chamblee High School Band. If you are interested in starting private lessons, a list of local teachers for all instruments can be found Here.



ALL ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM: You have an assignment called; Musical Role Model Exploration due Friday. Turn in on google classroom.

Keep practicing daily. 30-45 minutes.

WEEK OF March 30- April 3.

Assignment 1: Watch video segment (found on google classroom) and write a 2 paragraph reflection (turn into google classroom). Details are spelled out in google classroom. Due 4/1/2020

Assignment 2: GET CAUGHT UP! There will be no official turn in assignment, just make sure everything I have already asked for has been turned in.

VLAs for March 16-20, March 23-27

Due to school closings, we have been able to get a limited free subscription to SmartMusic. SmartMusic has snare etudes that will replace your timpani etude and also cover the time we are missing from class. See the end of the email on how to sign up. You should NOT have to pay for it, if it asks for money, STOP and email me. I don't know how to fix it but if it's a problem, I will see what I can do.

You are expected (even though there is no way to require you to turn in) to continue practicing anything you can from the Percussion ensemble concert. As of right now I still anticipate having our concert in April, so let's make sure we are ready to really show up and impress!

If you did not receive the attachment of the spring concert music for both Symphonic and Concert band, email me. You will practice the music for the band you were going to be in for LGPE. For right now, everyone focus on all snare parts, if you have a bell kit or practice xylophone, look at mallet parts too. I don't know how we are going to distribute parts, that all depends on when we get back to school....

Concert band: I only have one digital piece for you, Captain America March, work on snare part- everyone!

Symphonic Band: your whole spring concert is attached- LOL, Ride, Bonds of Unity, Rhosymdre ( I don't think there are perc parts to this one, but it's beautiful, you should listen anyway!)

Recording links to each:

Captain America March:

Bonds of Unity:




Continue to review and practice what you can of the LGPE music, I plan on making sure we can perform that music as some point, I don't know when.

I will have 4 snare etudes assigned to you on SmartMusic, you will still have Playing test 3 due via cuttime on Friday. Practice 30-45 minutes everyday to make up for the 50 min class period we are missing.