Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is open to all students who receive top scores on spring audition. All members will take a spring semester audition to determine which band class in which to enroll. Students are expected to audition for district honor band, all-state, or perform in a small ensemble.

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Private instruction is encouraged for all students in the Chamblee High School Band. If you are interested in starting private lessons, a list of local teachers for all instruments can be found Here.

Virtual Learning Assignment Details.


ALL ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM: You have an assignment called; Musical Role Model Exploration due Wednesday and a scales test due Friday. turn both items in on google classroom.

Keep practicing daily. 30-60 minutes.

WEEK OF MARCH 30- April 3

You will watch a segment of your instrument specific video to learn more about your instrument. For those of you who play more than one, you will watch the video for the instrument you play in each class. When you are done, if you would like to watch the videos for the other instruments you play, feel free.

Look at the time stamps for your instrument and ONLY watch those. While watching, have your instrument out and try some of the things they are talking about, feel the differences it makes.

Then, turn in a short reflection ( about 2 paragraphs) of what you picked up most from these videos. Did any light bulbs go off for you? Anything that clicked and made your playing a lot easier? (Please don't tell me how you think they are wrong, they aren't. You may tell me about a time when another well qualified teacher told you something different and how these two methods of teaching might affect your understanding of your instrument and how you will play going forward.) Turn in the reflection to google classroom. Google classroom hosts all the videos you need, if you have not yet joined, check you email for the class code. It has been sent twice via cuttime emails.

Turn in Playing Test for LOL.

WEEKS of March 16-20 and March 23-27

Assignments 2,3,4 and 5 will go in the grade book as GUIDED GROUP PRACTICE, in order to count as your daily participation grades. As such is it expected that you practice your instrument 30 min every day to make up for the 50 min class period we will be missing. Use a metronome. If you do not have one, you can download one for free on any smart phone (I recommend prometornome) or use one on google (literally google "metronome").

Assignment 1: We have a playing test due on April 3, You should be practicing for that assignment. See Cuttime assignment for measure numbers. It is from LOL (see attached music). Below is a link to a recording of LOL. Upload to Spring Concert Playing Test 1. DUE 4/3/2020.

Assignment 2: Record your Chamber Project (just your part, complete with counting rests) with a metronome and turn into Cuttime under SB VLA: CHAMBER ENSEMBLE 1. DUE 3/20/2020

Assignment 3: Record yourself playing Ride (I absolutely do not expect perfection! you are sight reading! you should however, listen to it and practice for 5 days before you even attempt to record. IT'S A CHALLENGE!) and upload into cuttime under SB VLA: RIDE. Below is a link so you can listen and learn a little faster. DUE 3/20/2020

Assignment 4: After practicing (about 30 min daily), record yourself playing YOUR part to your chamber ensemble piece again. Additionally, write a short reflection paragraph(8-10 sentences, in the comments box) of your growth between now and the first time you played it. Discus what you have learned about music and about your playing and the growth that you are making. Upload to SB VLA: CHAMBER ENSEMBLE 2. DUE 3/27/2020

Assignment 5: Submit a sight reading activity via SmartMusic. Follow the directions below. DUE 3/23/2020

After listening you will notice that there needs to be a lot of double tonguing is these new pieces, brass and flutes, you MUST practice double tonguing. Practice how we did in class:

1. articulate a long tone or scale all with Tah

2. articulate a long tone or scale all with Kah

3. Articulation a long tone or scale slowly with alternating tah and kah

4. Speed it up. You will use LOTS of air.

Professional Recordings for Study

Below are links to all the recordings to your Spring Concert Music. Listen to them and prepare for the spring concert as an individual. We will continue to plan on having the concert and wanting it to sound our best!

Spring Concert Recordings:

Bonds of Unity:




LGPE Recordings:

Burma Patrol:

Novo Lenio:

Flight of the Pegasus:

PERCUSSIONIST: see Smart music for your alternate assignments. Below is an overview.

Assignment 1: snare part to LOL

Assignment 2: Chamber group

Assignment 3: Smart Music Etude

Assignment 4: Chamber group again

Assignment 5: Snare Etude on Smart Music.