AP Music Theory

Advanced Placement Music Theory is designed to help students develop fundamentals and principles of the language of common practice of music. All work in this class is geared toward student understanding of common practice theory as well as successful completion of the Advanced Placement Music Theory Exam. AP Music Theory is open to any student interested in learning the principles of writing and analyzing music who is at least a junior in standing. Proficiency on a primary instrument is expected; keyboard experience is preferred.

Class is taught in a lecture/discussion setting. Students are expected to complete assignments, engage in learning activities, and demonstrate skills in the classroom. Ear training will utilize a variety of instructional techniques. Students are expected to engage in melodic and harmonic dictation, sight- reading and sight-singing exercises, scales, chords, melodies, and harmonic progressions.

Tutoring is available on my booking site. Book an appointment to schedule a session. Sessions are in 20 min increments to try to accommodate as many students as possible. Please come prepared with questions and concerns so we can get straight to work!

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Our hub for all things virtual will be Google Classroom.

Students have already been added to their class, using their s# email address. If there is an issue, please reach out to Mrs. Marin (colleen_l_marin-mendoza@dekalbschoolsga.org). Google classroom will be where students turn in assignments, access the class calendar, find links for live sessions and participate in class discussions.

Parents will be sent an invite to a parent specific google classroom. This invite will match your student's class but will allow parents to also follow along and monitor their student's assignments and due dates.

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We will be using a variety of resources, as many as possible will be shared using Google Classroom.

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Weekly Lessons

WS 35 Sec. Dominants Identification2020-03-13-151428.pdf
Sec. Dominants in Context2020-03-13-151903.pdf
Assignment 17 Sec. Dominants Assignment 12020-03-13-151545.pdf
Ch.15 Other Diatonic 7th Chords Ex. 15-12020-03-13-151810.pdf
Ch.16 Sec. Functions 1 Ex. 16-12020-03-13-152010.pdf
Ch.17 Sec. Functions 2 Self Test 17-22020-03-13-151655.pdf
Ch.17 Sec. Functions 22020-03-13-151219.pdf
MTAP Weekly Lessons
MTAP Weekly Lessons 2018-19 Spring
AP Music Theory Syllabus

AP Music Theory Syllabus

AP Music Theory (student)

Student Information

CH. 5: Principles of voice leading
Ch. 6: Root position part writing
Ch. 7: Harmonic Progression and Sequence
Ch. 8: Triads in first inversion
Ch. 9: Triads in Second Inversion
Chapter 10: Cadences, Phrases, Periods and Sentences
Chapter 12: NON CHORD TONES 2
Chapter 13: The V7 Chord
Chapter 13: The V7 chord (part 2)
Chapter 14: II7 and VII7 Chords
Chapter 14: viio7 Chord
Chapter 15: Other Diatonic Seventh Chords
Chapter 15: I7 and III7
Chapter 16: Secondary Dom
Chapter 17 Secondary Functions 2
Chapter 18: Modulations
Chapter 19: Other Modulatory Techniques
Chapter 20: Larger Forms