2022-2023 Required Forms

To join the Marching Band, you must complete and following forms, and upload a completed sports physical (dated on or after 4/1/2022) to Dragonfly.

Marching Band Commitment Form - confirms you want to join the marching band.


DragonFly / Sports Physicals


DragonFly Max is an electronic medical records platform that, in the event of a medical emergency, gives DCSD staff, ENTs and medical professionals the needed information to treat and/or transport your student for treatment. Parent volunteers do not have access to DragonFly information.

Must complete DragonFly profile by July 11, 2022

Before you begin, read through the information below. It takes multiple steps, time and patience to complete this process.

Step-by-Step of how to get started:

  1. Download and print this GHSA PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION for All Student Athletes

  2. Make an appointment for a Sports Physical (at local clinic, or your regular physician) and take the blank Physical Form (from step 1) with you for them to complete. For a physical to be accepted for the upcoming 22-23 season, it must be dated on/after 4-1-2022.

  3. Once your medical provider has completed the GHSA Physical Form, scan or photograph each page, so you can upload it into the DragonFly system.

  4. Then, download and print this flyer, describing the steps needed to get your DragonFly account started, it also has the CHS school code, which you'll need.

  5. First time using DragonFly? Install the DragonFly App on your Smart Phone, or access DragonFly from your desktop computer.

  6. Used DragonFly in the past? Access your account in DragonFly, and simply update/confirm your student's information, and upload the new GHSA Physical Form.

As you work through each step, the icons to the right of each step will turn green as each is completed. When prompted, upload the new physical, and submit. This section status indicator will turn yellow, and remain yellow until the CHS Athletic Director approves the physical. At this point, you're done. If everything else is green, you're done!