In an effort to celebrate our Seniors in this time of uncertainty, the band hopes this video, a small token of appreciation, can at least provide some kind of sense of community. Congratulations class of 2020 and THANK YOU!

We're preparing for a new season of Marching Bulldogs! For more information visit our Marching Bulldogs 2020 page. You'll find all essential details, as well as links to all required forms.

It's official! We're now TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

After a long wait, we have finally received our official certification as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means that all contributions are now fully tax-deductible. We will provide receipts and acknowledgement for all contributions. Ask your employer about matching contributions! We will gladly provide any needed receipts, and your student will be credited for all donations. Become a sponsor today!!

Cut Time is our new data hub for all things BAND. Update your student or parent profile, access calendar events, view/submit assignments and required forms, financial statements, and much more. Find out more here, including how to get a Cut Time app on your phone.

Students in Chamblee Band programs are asked to contribute a class fee, in order to help offset the high costs of these quality programs. If you have not yet paid your Band Class fees, Instrument Rental fees, or Marching Band fees, please do so now. (And they're now tax deductible!) You may pay your fees directly online, or submit cash or check payment by mail or to the lockbox in the Band Room.

Upcoming Events

2020-2021 Marching Band Leadership

  • Drum Majors: Sam Hopper, Hilary McDonald, William Emde

  • Flute Section Leaders: Maci Yeager, Olivia Roberts

  • Clarinet Section Leader: Jasmine Lawrence

  • Saxophone Section Leader: Adam Pohl

  • Trumpet Section Leaders: Farley Wall, Adam Brock

  • Mellophone Section Leader: Djuna Demer

  • Trombone Section Leader: Sam Grant

  • Baritone / Tuba Section Leader: Charles Jackson

  • Front Ensemble Section Leader: Julia Artigue, Phinn Adams

  • Battery Section Leader: Adian Teague, Chris McIntosh

  • Color Guard Captain / Logistics Coordinator: Evelyn Raphael

  • Color Guard Captain / Rehearsal Assistant: Coco Bradford

2020-2021 CCHS Bands Leadership

  • Band President: Kendall Young

  • Band Vice President: Nate Kite

  • Band Secretary: John Douglas

  • Music Chairs: Walker Klienfelter, Ryan Lovejoy

  • Social Chair: Sirianna Blanck

  • Historian: Kareem Sange

  • Logistical Chair: Matthew Emde

  • Uniform Chair: Jackson King

  • Band Class Chair: Ahona Haque

  • Public Relations Chair: Daniel Landis